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Kinetic Chain Release - KCR

So what is KCR?


KCR is a protocol that was developed by Hugh Gilbert  PT, to correct apparent leg difference and bring the body back into balance.


The protocol is a series of stretches carefully designed to bring about postural changes that will affect the bodys balance.


Heather is an Accredited Practitioner in the KCR protocol.


Known benefits of the KCR Protocol


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Chronic Back Pain

Chronic Fatigue

Chronic Groin Strains

Chronic Knee Problems

Chronic Neck Problems

Sprained Ankles


Migraine Headaches

Recurrent Hamstring Strains


Pelvic Problems

Teeth Clenching

Tennis Elbow

Tight Calves

TMJ Dysfunction

Wrist Problems

Pain Between the Shoulder Blades



Snoring/Sleep Apnoea

Chronic Stress

Lack of Sleep

Breathing Difficulty


Plantar Fasciitis

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Drug Addiction

And so much more..............

There are some amazing testimonials that can be read here on the www.kineticchainrelease.com website and others of the clinic Facebook page also.


Some testimonials from clients that have attended the clinic for KCR



Michelle Rennie

Just had Kinetic Chain Release from Heather McCabe Complementary Healthcare Clinic-Scotland........AMAZING!!!!!

Book in and have it done.


Thanks Heather x


Jackie McWatt

WOW.... I have had 2 KCR treatments now from Heather, just over a week apart.

I have lymphedema in my legs and have felt this has really improved greatly more so after second treatment.

I felt so much better in general and my muscles didn't feel as tight especially my calfs.

It's a great experience having this treatment and would recommend that everyone should try it.

Heather is a great therapist and very professional and passionate about her work, all I can say is " please try it"


Sharon Small

Looking forward to my next session of KCR with the lovely Heather who is passionate, professional and fantastic at what she does



Hi Folks. Having trained almost half my life I was always skeptical about Complimentary Health Therapies. Recently, I have been receiving KCR, which for those unaffiliated with it, is called KINETIC CHAIN RELEASE. This is a method where by careful stretching and manipulation allows the body to reach balance. For example one of my leg lengths was always 1.5inches shorter than the other, this is noticeable for lifting purposes, like squats etc. I also have childhood Scoliosis of the Spine which causes curvature. I receive 1 KCR session once per week, and I have to say im impressed. My leg length stays the same and the sense of wellbeing is amazing. Complimentary Healthcare Clinic Falkirk is ran by Heather McCabe, she has really changed my narrow outlook on Complimentary Healthcare. Moreover, shegives my Dad KCR 3 times per week to alleviate his MS symptoms, and make life that bit more tolerable for him. So if u have aches n pains, scoliosis or any other ailment, give Heather the benefit of the doubt, u will be impressed. Rene

Adele Finlayson

I have had KCR from Heather. It was amazing. I felt taller and much more relaxed. My flexibility in my neck was much better and this is where I hold all my stress. She is a truly inspirational person with a gift for healing. Thanks Heather. xxx



Hi Heather just wanted to say I feel so much better.

Thank you so much it is incredible. Many thanks you wee miracle worker love Rona x x x

Nikki Kaur-Singh

Heather is the best healer, reki, KCR & everything else, she gives so much good advice and energy to make the world a better place xx




Liz Heeps


Testimonial;- Having received a K C R treatment from Heather at Complementary Clinic Falkirk, I can recommend it. Felt lighter and much more flexible after just one session. Will definitely have more treatments. Liz Heeps Personal Trainer


Female, Falkirk

I wanted to give you feedback following the two KCR treatments late last year.

For years I have suffered with back pain, which I was advised is as a result of wear and tear following years of high impact training. At a very early age I started Amateur athletics, competing in middle distance mainly and cross country in the winter.

Training was rigorous and through the years my body has been struggling with aches and pains, where days were unbearable making simple tasks extremely difficult.

Doctors have tried amitriptyline in a bid to treat sciatica as it severely impacted sleeping, where at points I was physically stuck and unable to move when turning in bed.

My employers sent me for rehabilitation thinking sitting all day may be hampering my condition. Muskoskelecur was diagnosed when actually an MRI scan showed 2 defragmented discs in the lower of my back and I was advised I had no padding in my lower back.

This was devastating as I rely on keep fit to distress me for work. I hit a rock bottom of going back to basics in training and building my main core, which took over a year as it had to be slow and consistent. The pain eased but was still very much there, hampering my whole life. Even getting in and out of the car was a real struggle at times as my back went completely stiff.

After all this work I suffered a serious injury last year, which prevented all types of exercise and I was literally house bound/dependant on my mother to do everything for me for 2 months.

I battled to get back to some normality and as you know I met Stuart to help me with therapy. Only through speaking with you did I find out about KCR, which you tried on my injury.

It`s important I gave you my history as I have suffered for many many years Heather – when I attended my first KCR I was in complete agony – in pain walking, even moving, driving and that morning before seeing you I fell out of bed in agony.

Despite years of trying Physio, acupuncture, pain killers, alternative therapy, chiropractors I have never ever had the relief and quick recovery as I did after KCR with you.

I have probably spent thousands of pounds privately, not to mention how much the treatments cost the NHS, for very little progress.

As you know I was so impressed I returned for a second visit, which has been fantastic and left me pain free since, not to mention the ability to do things now I never dreamed possible (and being pain free doing them).

I no longer have the agonising days or feel dread at how I may be after I do something, that was previously impossible. I am back to full fitness at the gym, which is fantastic.

I personally feel the difference is you treated my whole body and not just the problem area and my body feels in balance.

KCR was a brand new experience, so much so I have been sharing my results with everyone.

Even my 15 year old son raves about KCR. He has grown so fast and also been in a lot of pain. Callum loves KCR not only for the pain relief but also how relaxing and renewed it makes him feel after.

I feel meeting you was a gift and one I shall be forever grateful for Heather as KCR has given me a complete new lease of life, which I value even more given my serious injury last year.

Thank you so much for introducing me to an amazing procedure, which is highly cost effective and rewarding for both me, the patient and I am sure to yourself, the practitioner.

I will always be sincerely grateful and wish you the very best for even more success in the future – this service would save the NHS an absolute fortune!




I would like to thank Heather very much for the positive change that her
KCR treatments have made to my life.
After my first KCR session I was truely amazed at the difference it made
to me. 
It corrected my posture, it wiped out my stress and it returned my
I felt taller, stronger and centred. 
Since Heather rebalanced the length of my legs, and realigned my bones,
I can stand up straight and I can sit up straight. 
Slouching, which was the norm is now very uncomfortable. 
I am able to walk without rolling over on my feet. 
I can walk down stairs without the fear of losing my balance and
My neck, shoulders and head feel loose and flexible.
When driving, I no longer have to turn my whole upper body. I can turn
my head and see out the back of the car. 
It was a wake up call to realise how much of a toll the stresses and
strains of work and everyday life had taken on me until after the
treatment and I felt better. I have rediscovered the feeling of being
I have recommended so many of my friends, family and colleagues to
Heather for KCR treatment. And, I will continue to do so, as I believe
the holistic benefits to both physical and mental health that I have
enjoyed should be experienced by everyone. 
The treatment takes just under an hour. It has long lasting effects and
it costs much less than a night out would. 

Thank you Heather.





Hi Heather
Having been plagued with recurrent urinary tract and kidney infections for the past five and a half years a family friend suggested that I try KCR available at Complimentary Healthcare Clinic in Falkirk. 
Over the years I have been given limited and varied answers as to why I was experiencing such regular infections. I was seen regularly by my GP, by a urologist or gastroenterologist and had numerous invasive tests and still experienced constant pain. I spent hours in A&E with unbearable pain that could not be cured. Antibiotics and pain killers were the only option on offer, now of which many I am resistant too and I would have to rely on high dosages of very strong pain killers to alleviate the daily pain.
After my first session of KCR I felt the benefits, my pain which normally was about an 8 out of 10, reduced to about 4 out of 10. 
I decided to continue having KCR and after 4 sessions my pain is now down to a 2 out of 10. Heather advised I take probiotics, Vitamin C and make slight changes to my diet alongside the KCR and I have certainly felt the benefits. I have not had a urinary tract or kidney infection since beginning this treatment which is a significant improvement as based on past experience I was having a urinary tract or kidney infection every few weeks. 
I can highly recommend the KCR treatment offered and provided by Heather McCabe. 
Kind regards,
Almost ten years ago I suffered a fall that broke my coccyx, damaged several vertebrae and caused some nerve damage.After receiving treatment and some physiotherapy I found myself living in almost constant pain,struggling to walk any distance or stand for any length of time.Lifting and carrying anything was a nightmare,even simple things like driving were a real chore and it had a really detrimental effect on my work and seriously curtailed my social life.After numerous bouts of physio and a whole array of different painkillers I was resigned to life managing pain with brief periods of relief.
 Then a friend recommended I try the Complementary Healthcare Clinic in Falkirk.It was a revelation.After only one treatment with Heather I noticed a huge difference.I continued with a course of treatment and the difference has been nothing short of miraculous,and that's not hyperbole.
Life has returned to normal,I can do the things I used to do,
work,shop,even some gardening and I'm pain free.Visiting the Complementary Healthcare Clinic has been the best investment of time and money I've made in decades and I can highly recommend the treatment I received from Heather.
Having being diagnosed with a "Frozen Shoulder" by my GP I decided to try
the KCR treatment offered by Heather McCabe at the Complimentary Healthcare
Clinic in Falkirk.

After the first session of KCR, a large improvement in mobility and
flexibility in my shoulder joint was experienced.

As a result of this treatment, I decided to continue to have KCR sessions on
a regular basis and this has resulted in improved sleep patterns, better
posture and improved joint flexibility.

I have no hesitation in fully recommending the KCR treatment offered and
provided by Heather McCabe who is well qualified and experienced in this

Fiona - Falkirk
I have lived with the painful & debilitating effects of Plantar
Fasciitis for close to 2 years. It was tolerable & manageable in the day
when I was at my busiest but by night the pain was severe & my mobility
was awful. I would struggle to walk the short distance within my home &
if my children needed me in the night having to get out of bed in a
hurry was very painful. 

I read about the condition online, attended physio sessions, bought
special insoles, splints for night time etc & the though of having to
live with this for the forseeable future really concerned me. I am in a
caring role for my husband who uses a wheelchair so I had huge concerns
for how my plantar fasciitis would impact on my ability to care for him
& my 2 sons.

Found out about KCR & looked at local practitioners & felt drawn to
Heather after reading her website & testimonials. 

Heather herself is very gentle & calm & what she can do is absolutely
incredible. I now call her my miracle worker. After my first session of
KCR I felt my pain & debility had improved by @70%. I could not believe
the difference, I went on to have a few further sessions & I'm delighted
& relieved to say my plantar fasciitis is no longer a problem. It feels
so strange after months & months of adapting & adjusting to the
discomfort & limitations not to have it but absolutely a welcome relief!

Heather giving me KCR has also helped in other areas of my life, I feel
I'm able to manage my day to day responsibilities with more ease & this
has a positive impact on our general family life.

Heather is such a generous, warm person & gentle spirit & what she can
do to help alleviate pain, distress or discomfort is such a gift. 

Also recently jolted my neck doing something simple leaving me with a
trapped nerve resulting in excruciating nerve pain. Was very painful &
restricted movement. Heather gave me KCR the next day & again that one
session gave me huge relief & I'm now recovering well from this.

What I especially appreciate is that she is a great listener & gives
advice, suggestions, tips to help you out with the hour or so that you
spend with her...its not just all about the time you are there. She is
genuinely interested in your wellbeing & progress.

Please if you are seeking relief from discomfort/debility for any reason
book yourself an appointment ..this clinic is incredible. Im very
grateful & so appreciative of all Heathers personal & professional
skills & attributes xx

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