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Harmony from Within
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Journey To Creating Harmony Within

This book is a journey of my discovery of finding me..... through opening up spiritually and identifying the tools that we all have within us. 


The book is written through the chakras, giving you an understanding of each one, how it related to my journey and the beginning of yours. There are meditations to use and messages from the Angels. 

Find your hidden gifts within and let your light shine ?


Some more feedback


Heather McCabe is one of the most under-stated, humble, caring, patient people I have ever met and I feel privileged to have been one of the first to have had the opportunity to have read her first book, to have shared in some of her personal and intimate journey, to have resonated with so much and at the same time learned so much from her tale. Yet 'Journey to Creating Harmony Within' offers the reader so much more than just Heather's own personal journey. There's chakra balancing, meditations, crystals, essential oils, acknowledgements of other reading and sources of growth, what to look out for in your own spiritual development, how to recognise that you are spiritually developing ... this little book is a well of information with its foundation structure the seven emotional centres of the body. How apt. Loved it, read it twice, now use it as a reference book. Look forward to the meditation CD and look forward to much much more from Heather. She's a mum, a complementary health practice owner, my colonic hydrotherapist, my Reiki master and a guide, teacher and healer to hundreds, soon to be thousands, soon after that to be millions. I'm not sure when she managed to write this book but it's for the world and I'm glad she did. ~ Lesley~


Some more feedback 

Heather's book is an enlightening read. Page by page I learned, I resonated and I enjoyed! The meditations at the end of each chapter were lovely and I will be using these going forward.  A very honest account of her personal journey, one I am sure everyone interested in the journey to inner peace will enjoy.  ~ Michelle ~



Some Amazon feedback 

***** Lovely book
By Mrs R - 28 Jan. 2016
Lovely book. Full of spirituality but from an easy to read,everyday point of view. Enjoyed the meditations. Highly recommended.


Some more feedback 

"Heather McCabe has been over the past five years a fellow spiritual development participant and friend, confidante, teach we and now unsurprisingly author of her first book. Having read her book I was able to realise how developed and spiritually aware she has reached at this time in her life, more so than I had realised before. The way she writes reflects the honest, hard working , caring and deeply spiritual person I have come to know. Her future will certainly bring with it more and more of her journey and benefit many physically, mentally and spiritually. To date I consider myself blessed to have Heather in my life and in my journey

Cathy ""






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