Harmony from Within
Harmony from Within
Complementary Healthcare & Wellness Centre
Complementary Healthcare &Wellness Centre

Energy & Mindset Coaching


Are you feeling fed up?

Do you feel like you're drifting along in life, like you have no control?

Do you feel like you have lost your identity and don't know who you are?

Do you feel you want to get your life back on track but don't you how to?

Do you feel stressed, anxious or angry?

I will teach you how to find that self love within, and feel connected back to YOU, I will take you you by the hand, giving you useful tools that you will have for life. 

Everything has a structure in life, energy and mindset are no different, I will help you build your structure


I want to help you to have that freedom of your mind, to have the relationships, friendships, and career you choose. 

I will give you the science behind positive affirmations and all the other stuff , understanding the need to do something rather than doing something and not knowing the why!

If you want to:

-       Feel accomplished in reaching your goals

-       Have amazing confidence in yourself

-       Adopt a positive mindset

-       Feel full of energy

-       Have a better understanding of who you are

-       A belief in yourself that you are limitless

-       Have a zest for life

-       Be who your meant to be


Let me be your tour guide to you happy place, by aligning your energy and mindset.


If you want to know email chcfalkirk@hotmail.co.uk


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