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  • Lynn Russell (Friday, July 01 22 08:51 am BST)

    Heather is brilliant, went for first set of colonics and didn’t know what to expect.

    Heather put me at ease straight away, it was pain free and embarrassment free.

    It has made a difference to my bloating but also definitely released or opened up things from emotional point of view too.

    We will definitely be keeping them up

  • Derek Waugh (Tuesday, August 14 18 03:35 pm BST)

    Have had various treatments to combat depression over the last 3 months and I can recommend Heathers dedication to helping her clients to the highest order. Heather provides a calming environment and excellent treatments that she explains in thorough detail plus providing extra information on exercises that you can do at home. Heather takes great care and a professional interest in each individual to cater to their personal needs. Would have no hesitation in recommending Heather to family and friends.

  • Fiona Hutton (Saturday, September 19 15 08:56 am BST)

    I have lived with the painful & debilitating effects of Plantar Fasciitis for close to 2 years. It was tolerable & manageable in the day when I was at my busiest but by night the pain was
    severe & my mobility was awful. I would struggle to walk the short distance within my home & if my children needed me in the night having to get out of bed in a hurry was very painful.

    I read about the condition online, attended physio sessions, bought special insoles, splints for night time etc & the though of having to live with this for the forseeable future really concerned
    me. I am in a caring role for my husband who uses a wheelchair so I had huge concerns for how my plantar fasciitis would impact on my ability to care for him & my 2 sons.

    Found out about KCR & looked at local practitioners & felt drawn to Heather after reading her website & testimonials.

    Heather herself is very gentle & calm & what she can do is absolutely incredible. I now call her my miracle worker. After my first session of KCR I felt my pain & debility had improved by
    @70%. I could not believe the difference, I went on to have a few further sessions & I'm delighted & relieved to say my plantar fasciitis is no longer a problem. It feels so strange after
    months & months of adapting & adjusting to the discomfort & limitations not to have it but absolutely a welcome relief!

    Heather giving me KCR has also helped in other areas of my life, I feel I'm able to manage my day to day responsibilities with more ease & this has a positive impact on our general family

    Heather is such a generous, warm person & gentle spirit & what she can do to help alleviate pain, distress or discomfort is such a gift.

    Also recently jolted my neck doing something simple leaving me with a trapped nerve resulting in excruciating nerve pain. Was very painful & restricted movement. Heather gave me KCR the next day
    & again that one session gave me huge relief & I'm now recovering well from this.

    What I especially appreciate is that she is a great listener & gives advice, suggestions, tips to help you out with the hour or so that you spend with her...its not just all about the time you
    are there. She is genuinely interested in your wellbeing & progress.

    Please if you are seeking relief from discomfort/debility for any reason book yourself an appointment ..this clinic is incredible. Im very grateful & so appreciative of all Heathers personal
    & professional skills & attributes xx

  • Fiona (Saturday, June 27 15 10:34 am BST)

    I would like to thank Heather very much for the positive change that her KCR treatments have made to my life.
    After my first KCR session I was truely amazed at the difference it made to me.
    It corrected my posture, it wiped out my stress and it returned my confidence.
    I felt taller, stronger and centred.
    Since Heather rebalanced the length of my legs, and realigned my bones, I can stand up straight and I can sit up straight.
    Slouching, which was the norm is now very uncomfortable.
    I am able to walk without rolling over on my feet.
    I can walk down stairs without the fear of losing my balance and falling.
    My neck, shoulders and head feel loose and flexible.
    When driving, I no longer have to turn my whole upper body. I can turn my head and see out the back of the car.
    It was a wake up call to realise how much of a toll the stresses and strains of work and everyday life had taken on me until after the treatment and I felt better. I have rediscovered the feeling of
    being "happy".
    I have recommended so many of my friends, family and colleagues to Heather for KCR treatment. And, I will continue to do so, as I believe the holistic benefits to both physical and mental health that
    I have enjoyed should be experienced by everyone.
    The treatment takes just under an hour. It has long lasting effects and it costs much less than a night out would.

    Thank you Heather.

  • Jacqueline Dignan (Wednesday, April 15 15 06:06 pm BST)

    I have just returned from having a massage and facial treatment which was a birthday present from my daughter. Pauline really made me feel at ease. She totally tailored the treatment to me and my
    needs. Thank you so much for making my day

  • Anne Trevis (Sunday, May 11 14 07:53 pm BST)

    I bought a Groupon voucher for an hours facial with Jackie, and had it done yesterday. It was so relaxing ,I found myself drifting off several times ! My skin feels so much better today,I will
    certainly be visiting Jackie again very soon.

  • Michelle (Tuesday, May 07 13 12:41 pm BST)

    Heather came into my life several years ago when I could barely walk due to knee pain. After several reflexology sessions I had gone from around 16 strong pain killers per day to 2 when required. The
    results were outstanding. I can now walk without limping and am back in the gym. I have visited Heather over the years for various treatments from massage to reflexology to reiki. My interest in
    reiki was such that I have now completed my Reiki II under Heather's guidance. For those of you wondering whether or not to make that appointment, I say go for it,you will not regret it. I have been
    on a life changing journey with Heather, I am privilidged to know her and look forward to continuing my journey with her guidance and support.

  • Shaun (Thursday, August 09 12 10:15 pm BST)

    Having suffered from hay fever for few years and been miserable through summer I went to Heather for allergy testing. Although muscle testing was new to me I was amazed by the results. After taking
    some homeopathic drops for a few weeks my hay fever is now almost none existent. I've even been out cutting the grass!! Thanks for making me feel better heather

  • Marina Chaudhry (Tuesday, July 17 12 08:03 pm BST)

    Had 2 colonics treatments already and very happy with the overall experience. Lost weight and IBS symptoms considerably reduced.
    Heather McCabe is such a pleasant person to work with. She is very professional, very good at what she does. Not only improving my whole wellbeing she provided some valuable dietary advice and
    suggested lots of material I can read to get even more healthier. I now completely transformed my life and feel much healthier and happier person.
    I so recommend all the treatments that Heather offer in the clinic as I know she will make sure you get the best out of it.
    Thanks very much for the amazing work that you are doing.

    Marina Chaudhry

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