About The Clinic


The aims of  the clinic are to help individuals improve their wellbeing.

Many conditions can be aided using therapies. Treatments can boost energy levels, improve mobility, improve mental clarity and many others.

Sufferers of IBS, PMS, Arthritic pain, Sciatic pain, Asthma, Sinus issues, Constipation, Bloating have all reported a huge benefit from the use of treatments.

Call  Heather to ask any questions and they are willing to assist you.

Heather is fully insured and a member of the CThA

Heather is also a member of RICTAT




Heathers Qualifications include


BA Complementary Healthcare - Reflexology

KCR 1,2,3 CTR 1&2 and Accredited practitioner & Womesn Health

Colonic Hydrotherapy level 1 and 2 (Midlands School of Colonic Hydrotherapy)

Reiki Master

Diploma British Institue of Allergy and Environmental Therapy

HNC Aromatherapy massage, Indian Head Massage and Reflexology

Certificated in Ear Candling

Diploma in Meditation Teaching

Nutrional Diploma

Crystal Healing

Access The Bars Practitioner



Along with all of the above qualifications, Heather is very intuitive and offers help and guideance to help create the life you desire, helping to clear limiting beliefs and bring abundance into your life.